Winter 2011/12 in the Valley of the Sun

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Fall 2011 in the Valley of the Sun, brought a change in our weather pattern.Once again a La Ni�a current in the Pacific brought us a cool JuneBut then the Summer heat arrived and stayed too long.After a dry Fall, December weather turned Cold, giving us a few freezing nights. It also brought us a week of rainy days, dampening the spirits of the Winter Visitors.


Our Sports teams did not have a good year, whether it was basketball, Hockey or Football.The Phoenix Cardinals�� New Quarterback had real problems, and suffered two injuries that sidelined him. The trades of key defense and offense players proved costly in their play for the season.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are still struggling to get back on track.Hopefully off season trades will help their roster, and result in improved pitching performance as well as field play.

The Phoenix Suns got off to a late season due to the Lockout by Owners. So a short season is the result.The Suns have signed several new players, and will still have Steve Nash and Grant Hill anchoring the squad.We are hoping to make the playoffs this year once more.

The Phoenix Coyotes has been uneven, and not suprising in view of the negotiations to sell the team to owners who will keep the team in Phoenix.We hope this will be resolved by the end of the Season.


Economically, the communities in the valley have suffered from the Economic Downturn.The collapse of the Housing Market has greatly reduced the labor force in the valley, but there are signs of an improving business climate, with several firms relocating to the Valley, or opening regional offices in the Phoenix area.An increase in the New and Used home sales, is starting to improve the employment picture, although a lot of valley homes are in foreclosure.


Several new businesses have located in the valley, and promise to bring quite a few new manufacturing and service jobs to the area.We look for this trend to continue, as several Retailers are planning to expand here also.


The Restaurant business is starting to recover a bit from the business downturn, and we hope other business will as well.

As for Bob and Marlene, we are enjoying reasonably good health for a couple in their 80�s.Again this past year we have witnessed the passing of a number of neighbors and friends, and so feel fortunate in maintaining our present level of health. The extended family has been doing well, and our Grandchildren seem to be on a stable track to improving their life. Grandson Alex is in graduate studies at the University of Arizona, towards a Phd in Optical Science and Granddaughter Anie is still at her Graphics Job in the Valley. Those outside the State, including Steve and Nick Cherekos are also doing just fine, With Steve looking towards graduate studies and Nick considering what his College Major will be, and what College to attend.


University of Phoenix Stadium

Glendale, Arizona


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Welcome to Bob & Marlene�s Web site.Here in the Valley of the Sun, The Aerial View to the right is Courtesy of Google Earth. Pictured is the New University of Phoenix (Glendale) NFL Stadium and just North of it is the Arena (Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Team Home), and the adjacent Westgate Shopping Center which will have two or three hotels, various restaurants and shops. The Pima Indian Tribe plans to build a Casino Just to the West of the Stadium.The various areas have websites that can be visited by CLICKING ON THEM.We are hoping the Superbowl will return in a few years, as it was well received.

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