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 Volume 17, Issue 1

December 2013

Publisher - Bob McGowan                                                                                            Editor-In-Chief - Marlene McGowan

McGowan ChroniclesText Box: Our Grandson Alex (Alexander) 
Has finished his Masters Degree work in Optical Engineering, and is now working on his Doctorate, and working in the Lab at the University of Arizona. Alex spent his Summer Interning with at a Naval Facility Laboratory in Rhode Island, After a Brief Engineering Seminar in Hawaii.  
Text Box: Granddaughter, Anie (Stephanie) is now working at Arizona State University, As a Graphics Artist in The Carey School of Business. She continues to be very active in Volunteer work and is a relationship with Gunnar B,, who is working for Wells Fargo.

Our Grandson Steve is currently finishing up his Masters Degree Kinesiology  [Sports Medicine ]. At University of Minnesota.  He also has been working as a Strength & Conditioning Trainer, and as a diet and Nutrition Consultant at UofM.

And, our Grandson, Nick is pursuing a Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota, Duluth Campus.  We trust he likes the weather there, and his proximity to Lake Superior.  Bob fondly remembers  attending the Signal Corps Radio School at Ashland College (WI), not too far from Duluth, in 1943, prior to Active Duty in WWII.